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  • Job Growth

    The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis’ Total Full-Time and Part-Time Employment data provides one of the most comprehensive, publicly available accountings of average annual...
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  • Transit Ridership

    DVRPC tracks transit ridership in the region through unlinked passenger trips, with data provided by each of the region's four transit operators—Southeastern Pennsylvania...
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  • Building Permits

    Building Permit counts by MCD annually, as available in DVRPC's Data Navigator.
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  • Land Consumption and Protected Open Space

    DVRPC has tracked regional land use changes and the preservation of land for decades. Since 1970, DVRPC has produced land use files derived from aerial photography in our...
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  • Bridge Conditions

    Bridges are inspected every two years at minimum; bridges in poor condition are inspected more frequently. These inspections rate the conditions of various bridge elements. The...
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  • Housing Permits

    Housing permit data is derived from reports and publications compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau's Residential Construction Statistics Division. Municipalities provide the U.S....
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  • Regional Housing Submarkets

    As part of the Regional Housing Initiative (RHI), the team conducted a submarket analysis. This analysis identifies census tracts with similar housing characteristics (density,...
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  • Geography Crosswalks

    Tabular crosswalks for relating geographies in the DVRPC region.
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  • DVRPC Data Sources

    This is a list of names of authors/creators/owners from which DVRPC obtains data. This is a helper dataset that is used to populate the "Source" field in DVRPC's Data Catalog.
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  • Household Travel Survey

    Regionwide household travel survey conducted from 2012-13. Includes information on households, people, vehicles, and the trips they made.
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  • Land Use Totals

    Land use totals for the Greater Philadelphia region, in five-years increments from 1990 to 2015. Data is derived from the corresponding year's Land Use GIS dataset, created by...
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