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  • Transit Ridership

    DVRPC tracks transit ridership in the region through unlinked passenger trips, with data provided by each of the region's four transit operators—Southeastern Pennsylvania...
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  • CTPP Data for DVRPC Region

    Census Transportation Planning Products data for DVRPC region as organized in DVRPC Data Navigator. Currently this data includes years 2010 and 2016 by employment and residence.
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  • Bridge Conditions

    Bridges are inspected every two years at minimum; bridges in poor condition are inspected more frequently. These inspections rate the conditions of various bridge elements. The...
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  • Transit Conditions

    The region's transit agencies report transit fleet conditions to the Federa Transit Administration's (FTA) National Transit Database (NTB), by either rail vehicle or bus. Rail...
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  • Commute Mode

    Commute mode is tracked by the American Community Survey (ACS) by asking respondents to provide the means of transportation usually used to travel the longest distance to work...
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  • Crash Summary and Fatal Counts

    Crash Summary and Fatal Counts for the DVRPC 9-county region. This includes yearly crash summaries for 2008-2020 as well as 2008-2020 fatal counts and a 5-year summary for...
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  • Household Travel Survey

    Regionwide household travel survey conducted from 2012-13. Includes information on households, people, vehicles, and the trips they made.
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