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  • Electric Vehicle Inventory

    This dataset is an inventory of total light-duty, battery electric, and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles registered in the DVRPC 9-county region. This summary data was processed...
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  • Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)

    Daily vehicle miles traveled (VMT) is a distance- and volume-based measure of driving on roadways for all motorized vehicle types—car, bus, motorcycle, and truck—on an average...
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  • Water Quality

    The federal Clean Water Act was established to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation's waters. Water quality standards have been...
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  • Land Consumption and Protected Open Space

    DVRPC has tracked regional land use changes and the preservation of land for decades. Since 1970, DVRPC has produced land use files derived from aerial photography in our...
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  • Air Quality Violations

    This dataset contains trends in days violating air quality standards by date for the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington Core-Based Statistical Area (CBSA).In order to convey the...
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  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Production Sources, and Weather Events data

    Every five years, DVRPC performs a regional energy use and GHG emissions inventory of the Greater Philadelphia region. The inventory looks at energy use and GHG emissions...
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  • Commute Mode

    Commute mode is tracked by the American Community Survey (ACS) by asking respondents to provide the means of transportation usually used to travel the longest distance to work...
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  • Land Use Totals

    Land use totals for the Greater Philadelphia region, in five-years increments from 1990 to 2015. Data is derived from the corresponding year's Land Use GIS dataset, created by...
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