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  • Census Tract to Municipality (MCD) Relationships

    Census Tracts are statistical areas that do not always "nest" inside municipalities. The resources in this dataset provide a Census Tract identifier and lists the municipalities...
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  • Geography Crosswalks

    Tabular crosswalks for relating geographies in the DVRPC region.
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  • Land Consumption and Protected Open Space

    DVRPC has tracked regional land use changes and the preservation of land for decades. Since 1970, DVRPC has produced land use files derived from aerial photography in our...
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  • Philadelphia Census Tracts (2020) to Planning Districts Lookup

    Lookup table matching 2020 census tract geographies to their Philadelphia Planning District for aggregations of tract-level data to each of the 18 Planning Districts. Note, the...
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  • Census Tract Changes

    Every ten years, with the Decennial Census, Census Tract boundaries are updated. Resources in this dataset log what tract changes have occurred since the previous decade's...
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  • Connections 2050 Planning Areas

    Planning Areas are aggregations of municipalities (MCDs) used to generalize the region into four typologies: 1. Core City 2. Developed Communities 3. Growing Suburbs 4. Rural Areas
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